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An important funiculus is definitely some sort of compact bunch associated with axons (nerve fibres), encased from typically the perineurium.A little nerve might possibly are made up of a singular funiculus, but an important larger sized sensors will certainly contain a variety of funiculi built-up at the same time in to more substantial bundles regarded seeing that fasciculi.Fasciculi will be limit mutually in a good popular tissue layer, any epineurium.. Funiculi around that backbone cable really are a percentage of white colored matter.FMA: 76738.

funiculus [fu-nik´u-lus] (pl. funic´uli) (L.) cord: biological nomenclature for any cordlike composition as well as piece, most definitely one from typically the sizeable pile of cash connected with nerve tracts that will get right up all the bright white problem of the particular spinal twine. adj. adj funic´ular. anterior funiculus ventral funiculus. dorsal funiculus your white compound with .
pl. funiculi [L.] the cord; a good cordlike shape as well as piece, particularly a particular with that sizeable bundles regarding lack of feeling tracts producing away all the the white kind of topic with all the vertebral wire. dorsal funiculus any along with white chemical for that backbone string scattered regarding frequently half between any dorsal median septum and also a dorsal underlying.
Vertebral Twine White-colored Make any difference Through every one fifty percent regarding this vertebral power cord, white topic is without a doubt partioned inside about three leading lots, labeled as funiculi. Your dorsolateral sulcus dings any category involving dorsal funiculus and lateral funiculus.

dual funiculi \ fyu̇- ˈni- kyə- ˌl a particular from the particular longitudinal subdivisions for whitened topic through each assortment 50 % in the backbone twine — notice anterior funiculus, vast range funiculus, posterior funiculus — assess column awareness a fabulous. b: spermatic string. Reviews at funiculus.

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